Monday, July 11, 2016

Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa

Video can be seen for your convenience at OR OR in which white genocide in South  Africa is exposed like never before(white concentration camps and final plan for extermination of white minority in South Africa are revealed - Obama involved) !!! It will change your perception and view on life forever !!! Learn what white nationalism is all about !!!

For your convenience, video was also downloaded to from where you can(and you should) download one for yourself !!!

This is the video which will be used from now on to represent this very page and our cause !!! 

Please do not forget to rate one(and share it with as many people as possible), so others can pay attention to the situation in South Africa !!!

More... coming next(soon)....prepare yourself for second addition of this video(continuation) where white nationalism will be entirely explained(also exposed) , so you will understand exactly what our situation is in this world at this point and time and what to do(how to act and what not to do) to improve one(to end white genocide in South Africa permanently) !!! This video will be titled as, "Bastian Auser - White Nationalism" !!!

The reasons per why no one is paying attention to situation down there will be explained and why white nationalism is not advancing the way it is dyeing in fact(with influx of rapefugges, the results are not what they should have been....we should have twice as many supporters than what we have)..... there will be talk about David Duke's work and his contribution to white cause(he will be exposed like never before) and what steps we should take to reclaim what is freedom from tyranny where we subsist. This movie will shock the hell out of you.... stay tune... coming soon !!! 

The struggle for independent white Afrikaner/Boer state and free world is on !!!

Video view counters on my youtube videos are more often than not blocked by youtube to kill videos....this video is not exemption....

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