Sunday, July 31, 2016

Manager Marie Steyn(white female) of The Kalahari Rangers Lodge in Kuruman Near McCarthy’s Rest Border Survives The Attack Conducted By Five Black Terrorists....


Lodge manager survives attack by five armed men

Police Spokesperson Sergio Kock said that five armed men entered the lodge around 00:30 on Sunday morning and pointed a gun at lodge manager Marie Steyn. The perpetrators forced her to open up the safe. The men fled with an undisclosed amount of money, a hunting rifle, a mobile phone, and a white Ford Ranger after tying up the 47-year-old woman onto a chair.

Steyn managed to untie herself and fled in a vehicle to get help. She drove through wire until she joined the highway. About 3 Km away from the Johan Olivier’s farm the vehicle broke down. Steyn proceeded on foot to get help.

Steyn said the men all wore balaclavas.

The vehicle in which the five men escaped was found on Wednesday afternoon, near Kuruman and the police are investigating a charge of severe armed robbery. Anyone with information about the suspects can contact Ao. Kobus Bothma on number 082-454-3899.


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