Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jorge(white male, 61), Spent Months in The Hillcrest Private Hospital Where He Twice Underwent Brain Surgery And Suffered a Stroke After Being Assaulted By You Already Know Whom, How, And Why !!!

The real disaster that includes loss of your life or of your love ones is never too far in all new South will strike when you least suspect !!!


Durban - A pre-wedding party that went horribly wrong has left a Hillcrest man grieving for his father, his wedding postponed, and a culpable homicide case for police to investigate.

Marco Paulo wants justice. But for that to happen, witnesses are required to come forward to support the State’s case against the people who attacked his father, Jorge Paulo, at the Keg and Trout restaurant in Hillcrest, which led to his death.

Jorge, 61, spent months in the Hillcrest Private Hospital where he twice underwent brain surgery and suffered a stroke, said his son. The Pietermaritzburg businessman died this month.

Marco Paulo said he and his family had all hoped Jorge would come out of his coma. “But he never did. The pain is terrible.”

The pre-wedding party on March 11 went awry when Marco left the restaurant and was hit by a stranger and was knocked out. His fiancee Mariette “Maz” Richardson helped him to the car where the couple was waiting for Jorge. Marco was still concussed.

“Moments later we were called by one of our friends to say that my dad was hurt and needed help,” he said.

Marco said the same person who attacked him, had later assaulted his father in the restaurant.

“We found him lying on the floor. Maz gave him CPR and tried to stop the bleeding. She called the ambulance.”

“After I was assaulted my dad had apparently tried to stop this guy and his friend from assaulting my younger brother in the car park. In the process (Jorge) was assaulted.

“He was knocked down and one of them kept hitting him until he was unconscious, lying in a pool of blood.

“The reason I was assaulted was I had apparently bumped into my assailant’s girlfriend.”

Marco said his father’s death had “left a big hole in our lives”.

“I would not wish this to happen to anyone. They stole my dad from me.

“I had to postpone my wedding and my fiance and I suffered financial loss, not to mention the emotional stress.”

“My dad was so proud that night, he was celebrating his eldest son getting married. Maz and her girlfriends were there and all my other friends and family. There was laughing, dancing and celebrations.”

The couple was scheduled to marry on March 19.

He added that no one had come forward with an apology. “There has been no sign of remorse.”

“Why go out to a restaurant and bar for any reason other than to have fun? If they want to hurt someone they should do cage fighting or boxing.”

Paulo said he believed an arrest would be made.

Police had not commented on the progress of the case at the time of going to press.

Anyone with information, is asked to call Paulo at 076 109 0359 or e-mail


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