Sunday, July 24, 2016

He Was Shot Nine Times By Black Terrorists And Left For Dead(it is how he survived for now)....

There sure was already over 90.000 whites slaughtered throughout South Africa since the end of the white rule, but what about those who survive....the consequences of black terrorism against whites are more horrific for those who survive ordeals...their lives are usually short lived lives of misery and suffering afterwards !!!


School deputy headmaster shot nine times by armed gang

Akasia school deputy-head Johan du Toit (58) is still in a critical condition after he was shot 9 times by a large group of armed men.

“Stay away, there are many” he shouted to his family…

Then the gunshots rang out.

His wife reports seeing a gunman standing over her unarmed husband lying on the floor. The gunman was firing shots into Mr Du Toit.

Du Toit was shot nine times. Eight bullets went through his body, the ninth was removed in hospital.

There has been no report that anyone was arrested for the ‘home invasion’ during which only a TV screen reportedly was ‘robbed’.

Stop hate crimes against white South Africans.

South Africa Today – South Africa News


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