Saturday, July 16, 2016

Even Security Officers Are Not Safe From Rape Epidemic in South Africa !!!

Welkom – Police in Welkom in the Free State have asked anyone with any information to help apprehend four armed robbers and rapists after two security officers were robbed at gunpoint and one of them gang raped this week, police said.

Captain Stephen Thakeng said the two officers, a man and a woman, were on duty at Matjhabeng Machanical Workshop when they were approached by four African men wearing balaclavas and armed with handguns in the early hours of Monday morning.

“Apparently they instructed them to lie on the ground at gunpoint and the male was forced to another spot of the yard. Then three of the suspects gang raped a female security officer,” he said.

The men fled on foot with two cellphones, a Nike school bag, black jacket, cellphone charger, keys, and a car radio.

Should anyone have information that could lead to the arrest of the rapists and robbers, Detective Warrant Officer Seepamore Thipe of the Welkom family, violence, and sexual offences unit can be contacted on 083-7072-530.


Additional news... South Africa is a rape capital of the world and we are in fact talking about real rape epidemic or what I refer to as rape culture...

Not only women and children get raped raped by criminals in South Africa, but also black police is frequently setting up our white people with minor traffic infractions to have them afterwards raped inside of the prison cells...and this includes white men as per being rape is a madness !!! 

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