Thursday, July 28, 2016

Criminally Insane Genocidal, Anti White Maniac/Psychopath Julius Malema to Face Criminal Charges on Court of Law !!!


An Assault Case Against Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF - main opposition party in South Africa) Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema and His Bodyguards Was Registered at Seshego's Police Station...

A resident of Seshego has confirmed that he instituted an assault case against Malema and his two bodyguards last Wednesday after allegedly being slapped, having a gun pointed at him, and being hit on the jaw with a firearm. Assault took place at a venue in the port city after the Durban's July day.

He made the case last Wednesday and gave his statement to the Police in Seshego.

However, due to his increasing frustrations over the fact that the investigation was not taking shape he followed one up and have informed Durban North Police's station about assault as well....that the matter has been subsequently transferred there, he added.

Provincial Police spokesperson Ronel Otto confirmed that the matter had been transferred to Durban.


Criminally insane genocidal, anti white maniac/psychopath Julius Malema is known for numerous public incitements of blacks into white genocide as seen here for example.....

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