Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Black Body Parts Merchant(a real dindu nuffin) Didn't Have Any Idea About His Transporting Heads and Genitals....

What you got in there !!? Nothing man nothing...only few heads and vaginas....

The Article:

The second accused claims he had no idea he was transporting a human head and genitals, allegedly for muti purposes.

The second accused in the Limpopo ritual murder case has abandoned bail as his co-accussed claims he only transported the human parts, unaware of what was inside the bag, the Mokerong Magistrates’ Court, near Mokopane heard on Wednesday.

Stanley Mohlake told the court that he would no longer apply for bail. Mohlake changed his decision hours after his matter was transferred from the Polokwane Magistrates’ Court to Mokerong.

When the case was called, Mohlake told Magistrate Charity Kekana that he had abandoned his bid to be released on bail.

However, his co-accused, Edward Raatji, who was the first accused in the murder and contravention of corpses’ rights, continued with his bail application.

Raatji, a second-year law student at the University of Venda, told the court that he had three informal meetings with Mohlake prior to their arrest. He said he cancelled two planned meetings and plans to have a meeting with Mohlake, but could not explain why.

They were arrested on July 10, after they were found “marketing unusual products” at a taxi rank in Polokwane.

The State alleged that the two men killed an unknown woman and chopped off her head and genitals.

During the bail hearing, Raatji attempted to exonerate himself from the alleged crime, saying he gave Mohlake a lift, not knowing what he had inside the school bag.

The court heard that before the arrest Raatji visited Mohlake, apparently for the first time this year but did not disclose the purpose of the meeting.

The second meeting occurred when Raatji offered Mohlake a lift from Mapela village to Mokopane, the same day the alleged sale was done.

He also offered Mohlake a lift from Mokopane to Polokwane, where the two were arrested. They separated for hours and allegedly met at a hiking spot after a while.

Raatji also told court that Mohlake had a schoolbag, which was found in possession of human body parts.

The human head and genitals were found wrapped in newspaper.

The hearing was prolonged, as Raatji and his legal representative Advocate Appo Molepo repeatedly wrestled over what to put as exceptional circumstances to be considered for by the court when making determination on bail.

The court was adjourned to July 27.


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