Monday, July 4, 2016

Arrested and Beaten up by Black "Cops" for Being White...The Grim Reality for Our Whites in South Africa.....

Arrested and Beaten up by Black "Cops" for Being White...The Grim Reality for Our Whites in South Africa.....

I have already explained on video what black South  African police(more often alone in crime with criminals than not) are all about...this very case just confirms my claim once again.

Update- Two conflicting accounts of an incident near Namakgale on Tuesday morning have caused uproar over social media.

Two conflicting accounts of an incident near Namakgale on Tuesday morning have caused uproar over social media.

A motorist, Mr Nicholas Combrink (53), was arrested along the R71 after allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest. The twist in the tale is the allegation by local paramedic Jaco Gericke of Maponya 911, who claimed that the man was not intoxicated, but had suffered some form of cardiac arrest.
“I attended to a report of an accident on the R71 between Namakgale and Gravelotte at around 10:00 on Tuesday morning. Upon my arrival I found an adult male still sitting behind his steering wheel appearing very shocked and pale,” explained Gericke. “I did a rapid sample history on him and discovered that he had a cardiac problem.
“Not once was he aggressive towards me and I did not smell any alcohol on him. I walked down to my vehicle to get my patient monitor to check the driver. On my way back I saw four police officers removing the driver from his vehicle using excessive force.”
Gericke claimed that the four SAPS members assaulted the motorist as they made their arrest.
He posted his account of the events on social media along with a cell phone image of the SAPS members carrying Combrink towards the back of a marked police vehicle.
“After they handcuffed him, they assaulted him with their fists on his chest and threw him into the SAPS vehicle. I told the officers that it was not the right way to operate after they said the driver was aggressive and he was drunk. This was not true,” said Gericke.
Constable Lebogang Selepe of the Namakgale police station confirmed that Combrink was arrested on charges of drunk driving and resisting arrest and sent for medical evaluation at Maphutha Malatji Hospital in Namakgale.
“He was released after the medical examination and ordered to appear in court the following day,” said Selepe.
He could not confirm the allegations of assault on Combrink, or the findings of the blood tests which were not available at the time of his court appearance.
Bulletin spoke to Combrink after the court case and he told his side of the story.
“I am on very strong chronic medication and experienced a total blackout on the day in question. This happened while I was travelling between Gravelotte and Phalaborwa and my vehicle went off the road. When I came to I was surrounded by police officers. They pulled me from my vehicle and sprayed pepper spray in my face, punched and kicked me and pinned me to the ground."
“One of them shoved a knee in my side and put handcuffs on me,” he said. “I will now be undergoing a medical examination by my doctor to confirm the assault and take legal steps after the act.”
Limpopo Police spokesperson, Col Ronel Otto, said that the allegations of assault by the four SAPS members are being investigated.
“These allegations are very disturbing and taken in a very serious light by top structures. The SAPS does not condone this type of behaviour by its members against the public and should these allegations prove to be true, they will be dealt with severely. At this stage the investigations are still underway and it is therefore irresponsible to jump to conclusions until all the facts have been brought to the table.”
Combrink was released on R1 000 bail and the case was remanded to September.


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