Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another White Victim of Black South African Terrorism !!! Edmunson Had Been Dead Since Thursday. His Body Was Only Discovered On Friday !!!


Pinetown murder shocks community

A Pinetown man was found dead in his home by his granddaughter and Pro Act Neighbourhood Watch founder, Andreas Mathios.

THE body of Pinetown resident, David Edmunson, was discovered in his home yesterday evening.

According to Andreas Mathios, of Pro Act Neighbourhood Watch, the man’s granddaughter had looked in on Edmunson’s property and felt that something was amiss. “I accompanied her and made the discovery. As Pro Act, I am saddened to announce our first murder” said Mathios.

He noted that Edmunson had been dead since Thursday. His body was only discovered on Friday at 8.50pm.

The SAPS commanders, local detectives and forensic teams arrived a the scene within 30 minutes. “It is unconfirmed at this stage as to what the modus operandi is. He suffered from early stage Alzheimer’s. Foul play is suspected,” said Mathios.


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