Monday, July 18, 2016

#67 Minutes – Kill 67 white people !!! KILL THEM ALL !!!

The photo is a Courtesy of South Africa Today – South Africa News

‘Sinazo Bambeni calls Publicly for Necklacing of House Negros and the systematic killing of Whites.’

I am thankful to my numerous followers for bringing to light the hate speech from black extremist groups in South Africa – thank you for defending me.
The photo is Courtesy of South Africa Today – South Africa News
I am appalled at the ‘Mmasekepe Matsebane’s’, and ‘Sinazo Kwakhanya Bambeni’s’ of our current day South Africa, who simply because they are black, are allowed to spew hatred & vitriol completely unfettered by our government and constitutional court.
They are allowed to bully and threaten anyone who they deem is a threat to their ideology – even their own people.
Wake up South Africa – our battle is here and now!

The photo is Courtesy of South Africa Today – South Africa News
As a black man with dreams for a free country where our rights are protected as citizens, I feel we are at a dangerous impasse where our bumbling government is silently sponsoring extremism as their support at the polls starts to wane… whether it is this year, next or five years from now, it is eminent!
We are on the brink of being run by a terrorist organization using terrorist techniques to secure the votes of our people.
Menzi Solomon Shange
South Africa Today – South Africa News

This article was written by a black man who is aware about his South African government engaging openly in a terrorism against South African whites.

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